The Bowman Body hosted horror movies on three different channels for more than 20 years in Virginia, but most people remember his Shock! Theatre days in the Richmond market on WXEX (now WRIC). His Friday night ratings even beat Johnny Carson and the Tonight Show's regional ratings.

The character, played by broadcasting veteran, Bill Bowman, first appeared in the summer of 1970 for a week long "Horror Film Festival" but was so popular that the show became a permanent fixture. It ran in Richmond through most of 1976 and was reborn as Cobweb Theatre in Charlottesville from 1977-78 when Bill Bowman took a job in with WNVC in Northern Virginia. From approximately 1982-1987, he appeared again in Monsterpiece Theatre.

Since then he's been the subject of two documentaries, hosted new episodes on DVD, made uncounted public appearances.  Welcome to the site!

B&W photos courtesy of Charles Allen Sugg

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It's ALIVE (again)!

It's been almost 10 years since the Bowman Body documentary was released and now the feature length chronicle of the Bod's legacy is back on DVD. Get the full story from Bill's early days in radio and TV through his television career as the Bowman Body on Shock Theatre, Cobweb Theatre and finally Monsterpiece Theatre and his return to radio on WHAP.


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