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The New Shock Theatre


The Bowman Body returned in 2015 on DVD with NEW Shock Theater episodes featuring House on Haunted Hill starring Vincent Price and Horror Hotel starring Christopher Lee.  In the grand tradition of Bowman's offerings, these will are FINE motion pictures. Taped before a live audience, these full length episodes brought back many familiar faces and some new ones as well to create the most entertaining episodes ever.





When the Bowman Body wins 10 million drachmas in the Transylvania lottery, he figures its time to bring the show back and spruce up the old castle.  The show features appearances from original WXEX cast member Reed Wolliver as the shady contractor, WVIR cast member Tom Blalock as The Mummy and Richmond horror host Armistead Wellford as Spottswoode, the Bowman Body finds out the hard way that a drachma just doesn't buy what it used to.



(aka Horror Hotel):



With bills piling up at the castle, Bowman decides to open a haunted hotel at the advice of Armistead Spottswoode (Armistead Wellford)  Featuring the talents of horror hosts Mr. Lobo and Dr. Sarcofiguy (John Dimes), daughter Casey Bowman Miles and long time fans Michael Joyner and John Porter, it is a wild time in Castle Bowman.



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New Episodes Coming on DVD!

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